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The Things Found in Seatback Pockets

As a flight attendant, I find an assortment of things discarded by others in seatback pockets. As a flight attendant, however, it is my responsibility to make sure that the things that are not to be discarded remain so that they can be shared with others.

Today while finishing up writing out my thoughts long-hand, the wind snatched up my paper and blew it out of my hands. The seatback of the chair caught the paper. Then it was that I knew it was of value and meant to be shared.

IMG_1674 The wind caught it in the seatback

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pine

Virgo 21 (Tropical) and Pisces 20 (Draconic) ~ Thoughts on this New Moon phase and Solar degree Virgo 22

My mind seems to want to occupy itself with wanderings through the past, then the present, then the past. I notice this cyclical back-and-forth process. I question the preoccupation, is it worthy of my investment of time or should I intervene? I go inside to correct the error made in the baby afghan I am crocheting which necessitated my undoing of several rounds of work. It had been a lesson in patience and perseverance. I did not want any mistakes. It was worth correcting. I work in one of the rounds and then another. I check my work and see that again I have crocheted another mistake! Two chain stitches where none should exist. I put it aside. This, too, will have to be corrected.

IMG_1676 Baby afghan and lunation diagramming

I now turn to my dry-erase board for this lunation. The computer file created yesterday, I now have this visual aid to which I can refer on a daily basis to track the lunation’s unfolding. As I enter in the symbol degrees for the crescent and first quarter phases, I am able to see the situations of problems in our individual lives mounting. I stop at this point. To see what’s coming is such a blessing, but also can feel heavy and intense. Knowing this causes me to ask myself what greater responsibilities are appropriately mine. Knowledge is power, but with it comes responsibility to serve others. And so I go back outside to reflect.

IMG_1675 Lunation 1147 Expression and Familiarity

I think of the solar degree and how my work with the Septenary is far too much for others. It is for self that I do it, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the story-of-7 in each day. I want to know why it was that a year ago I chose the image of Mt. Rushmore covered in 7” of snow on September 11th. I recall also that This Day in History September 12th was when the Lascaux cave paintings were discovered. Both, I realize, are things preserved on rock. Things trying to be immortal. And then I remember that last night Mt. Aso erupted. The Sabian symbol for A volcano in eruption, Explosion, was not only the solar symbol on September 8th, but it was also the Draconic Sabian symbol for the Balsamic phase of our previous lunation, still in effect until New Moon on the 13th. Explosion has had a lot to do with recent days… “Sweet is death reborn in life.” That was my tagline for the Septenary of Explosion. Nature teaches us well that even rocks and things written on them are not immortal.

In comes a Breaking News Alert on my phone. A man has fallen to his death from the top of a building at Hyde Park Boulevard in Chicago. One man’s death now national news. I think of another man whose fall became iconic, a symbol of many interpretations. The Falling Man photograph from 9/11. “Perhaps the most powerful image of despair at the beginning of the twenty-first century is not found in art, or literature, or even popular music. It is found in a single photograph.” Mark D. Thompson, Theologian. I watched this video and heard “… He sent 7 text messages to friends and family”… 911 The Falling Man

IMG_1669 Alert from September 14, 2015

IMG_1672 The Falling Man photograph from 9/11, 14 years ago this year (7×2)

A post from several days ago now comes to mind. It was from McCall: “…Your sense of inner beauty has to remain a very private thing.” So is your inner sense of despair, I now think to myself. We all hold a certain inner despair. Individual desperation. But death and desperation, like life and beauty, can also be a very public thing, even if left open to many interpretations. Like Mt. Rushmore, like the cave paintings of Lascaux, like men falling to their deaths, like volcanos erupting… Like the different coats of arms.

12002908_10153318426684118_7430777103577557785_n Mt. Rushmore, September 11, 2014, covered in 7 inches of snow

iuVJSW6T3P The Lascaux Cave paintings

I go and take a shower to let my thoughts flow from me. What have all of these to say that makes a difference in my own sense of inner beauty and inner despair? What have these thoughts to tell me about Expressions of Familiarity (moon) and Prerogative (sun)? To have one more breath. The water is falling over my face and I must align just so as to have … one more breath. Now another post comes to mind, also from McCall: “You’ll never truly own anything you know. Like that breath you just took… Don’t you realize you’ll have to give it back?”

We breathe in to Life. We breathe out to Death. At this most fundamental level we are taught of the on-going nature of life and death, of death and life. “Sweet is the death reborn in life.” How, I now wonder, can anyone not believe in life after death? To be born is to know assuredly that we will die. The time will come when we will take our last breath, leaving a last word, on our last day. Brave Souls! Why do we do it? Why is it worth it? We cannot hold onto life! We cannot avoid death! And yet we come—we bring forth our consciousness into bodies of flesh and bone—for experience, for the right to exercise our prerogative. We are given space and circumstances. What will we do with these gifts for which we have condescended?

The man who fell today, his last word was and is Prerogative. This is the message of the Coat of Arms. What we are willing to stand for and what we are willing to fall for. The Ultimate sacrifice. To give up our identity for a greater reason. And now I think of the video of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier once more. I shared it for Virgo 22. What has it to do with all of this writing on rocks and such? A tomb–another kind of stone–another kind of Coat of Arms. It is 77 years old.

It seemed to want to make that known–the exercise of prerogative–along with the message about our character and the sacrifice of our identity–things to be willing to live for–things to be willing to fall for. Yet it asks us something very important! Do we take time to realize “What goes on behind the scenes?” Yes, beauty and despair are both inner and private, as well as outer and public. How we exercise our beauty and despair, however, is our own Prerogative.

Aries 1 Sedna My personal Coat of Arms

IMG_1677 My family Coat of Arms

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