Aries 24 ~ “Here is a great mystery.”

La belle et la bete still 3

“Here is a great mystery.”

The Span of Examination

Phase 24

Fire Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Aries 24° An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia

This is a symbol of the mutual prodigality of man and his world whenever he retains his uninhibited enthusiasm and so welcomes every varying and recurrent opportunity opening up before him. There are here the continued outer manifestations of what at times may seem to be an unmerited good fortune, but they merely show the human and cosmic facets of reality in a convenient and joyful realization of each other.

The keyword is MUNIFICENCE

When positive, the degree is an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities, and when negative, a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others.

The formula is: manipulating-critical-original-generalizing-social-responsible.

Bob Dylan ~ Blowin’ in the Wind

I AM TRUTH ~ “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If you were Mother Nature, and if you noticed that your children were not busy counting their blessings but instead were lamenting every predicament in their lives, that is, if they had forgotten their divine inheritance, what would you do?

Silly humans, using their inheritance to dig up bones, to cast rocks, to attack one another! What a mess! Ah, an open window! I shall seize the opportunity! Perchance that will get their attention and remind them who they really are!

What a treasure that is! To have the elements themselves bring us reminders on the wind—to help us to look beyond the surface of that which has stirred us up and to see the hidden blessings begging for identification, taking in the truths of the cosmos that come right at us on the currents of the wind…

“Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness.” Psalms 30:11-12

Be still and know. Then, bow your head and give thanks. The mystery? That we forget we have the power to do this without encouragement. To know we have the power within to give thanks in all things.

“Here is a great mystery.” Saijin

Image: La Belle et la bête still

24La belle et la bete still 3

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