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Scorpio 29° ~ An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children

“We must work together now.”⁣

Scorpio 29° ~ An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children ~ Keyword: EFFECTIVENESS⁣

“When positive, the degree is personal accomplishment and satisfaction through an exceptional gift for holding first things first, and when negative, naïve willingness to truckle to others.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣

The Age of Aquarius⁣

Of ourselves our strength is nothing. ⁣

Our strength is in the four manifestations…Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer;⁣

Of ourselves our strength is nothing. ⁣

Our strength is in the four healings…Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio;⁣

Of ourselves our strength is nothing. ⁣

Our strength is in the four landmarks…Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.⁣

If I had It to Do All Over Again⁣

I wouldn’t do it alone. ⁣

Saved for a Time Such as This⁣

It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius⁣

“We must now work together.” Namasté ~ Saijin⁣

Image: Running Bear Little White Dove

Scorpio 28° ~ The king of the fairies approaching his domain

“The gift of melodrama.”⁣⁣⁣

Scorpio 28° ~ The king of the fairies approaching his domain ~ Keyword: ALLEGIANCE⁣⁣⁣

“When positive, the degree is a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness, and when negative, capricious self-indulgence.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣⁣⁣

Darby O’Gill ~ The Banchee and the Death Coach


The Victorian stage melodrama featured six stock characters: the hero, the villain, the heroine, an aged parent, a sidekick and a servant of the aged parent engaged in a sensational plot featuring themes of love and murder. ⁣⁣⁣

Often the good, but not very clever hero, is duped by a scheming villain, who has eyes on the damsel in distress until fate intervenes at the end to ensure the triumph of good over evil. Wiki⁣⁣⁣

The Little Prince⁣⁣⁣

“Why was the desert so lovely before? Why was it lovely but not anymore? Water was hiding; no one could see. But now the water is hiding in me.” Lyrics,The Little Prince musical⁣⁣⁣

What a precarious position to be in—to be one so young and yet to be called upon to be representative of a higher law. In humility the Little Prince obeyed his heart knowledge that it was time to go home; yet, he also had to buoy up the adult friend who could not understand this rite of passage being undertaken. ⁣⁣⁣

A snake bite! The Little Prince was going to allow a snake to be his vehicle of death? Surely this young man does not understand the danger! Surely, as an adult, there must be intervention made!⁣⁣⁣

Do not come; do not watch. It will be too hard for you to bear. This is not your path; it is my own. I have a rose and I must return to care for her. You will be fine. Follow your path. And when you look out upon the vastness of the heavens, then know—know most assuredly!—that there I will be tending to my rose. And I shall be happy. And you shall know me by my laughter. So, please, go and tend to your happiness. I long to hear your laughter, too.⁣⁣⁣

Darby O’Gill ~ Making Merry⁣

“The gift of melodrama.” Namasté~ Saijin⁣⁣⁣

Scorpio 27° ~ A military band on the march

“Getting choked up over it.”⁣⁣

Scorpio 27° ~ A military band on the march ~ Keyword: INTREPIDITY⁣⁣

“When positive, the degree is a dramatic capacity for drawing events to a focus and directing their course successfully to what might have seemed impossible ends, and when negative, foolhardy self-exploitation.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣⁣

2 year-old shouting at her mummy for laughing while she was singing

“Many a true word is spoken in jest.” Geoffrey Chaucer⁣⁣

Guilty as Charged⁣⁣

The value of guilt? A little goes a long way. Most of it needs to be chucked but for that morsel that won’t dissolve you’ve got your work cut out for you. So, take the pose–the Hanged Man—you’ve got a lot of considering and reflecting to do before you earn the right to march with intrepidity!⁣⁣

Self-punishment vs. Self-catharsis⁣⁣

If the guilt you keep chewing on and refuse to swallow is the result of someone else’s opinion of you and not your own, then here is the call to self-catharsis and the cutting of the cord of reliance on others for your self-estimation. But if there is consensus, i.e., if you are not pleased with your own behavior, and if a friend is trying to support you in change, then perhaps the two should stay connected as long as healing is taking place, until you can stand again on your own, confidently and with a clear conscience.⁣⁣

Don’t punish yourself! Your quest for change and transformation cannot be complete until you severe the destructive cords of the past—those haunting ties that bind—they are in our heads more than in the world about us.⁣⁣

The only thing you take with you when you go will again return with you again as unfinished business. So, mind your business, and mind it now. Deal with your ghosts and demons of the past now, intrepidly, while you still draw breath! ⁣⁣

So, what’s on your mind, mummy? Why do you laugh? ⁣⁣

“Getting choked up over it.” Namasté ~ Saijin⁣⁣

Image credit: Roberto Matta, Le pendu (The hanged man), 1942

Scorpio 26° ~ Indians making camp

“Doing whatever it takes.”

Scorpio 26° ~ Indians making camp ~ Keyword: EXTEMPORIZATION

“When positive, the degree is unusual resourcefulness and a gift for finding real opportunity in the least promising of situations, and when negative, unambitious acceptance of things as they are.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣

Memento Mori ~ Alan Watts on the Fear of Death

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Albert Camus⁣


“The art of alchemy is simply changing one form into another. Most people think of alchemy as a medieval obsession for changing lead into gold. And while this is one form of alchemy, anything that causes a change in form is alchemy as well. Turning water into steam is alchemy. Changing a dry tea bag into tea is also alchemy.”⁣

“While external alchemy, like changing lead into gold is a fascinating enterprise, I am more intrigued by internal alchemy, like the type discussed by Magdalen in the Manuscript. But whether one is attempting to create enhanced abilities in oneself or to brew a cup of tea, some of the principles are the same.”⁣

Just tip me over and pour me out⁣

“All successful alchemies must have three elements: 1) a substance to be transformed; 2) a container to hold the alchemical reaction; and 3) energy.”⁣

Just sit down and think about that for a while. Think about life. Think about the journey. Think about death. Think about the return. Oh, here, don’t forget to take your tea. Amor fati! (Translation: Love of one’s fate.)⁣

“Doing whatever it takes.” Namasté ~ Saijin

Scorpio 25° ~ An X ray

“Skin-deep simply will not do.”
Scorpio 25° ~ An X ray ~ Keyword: INVESTIGATION
“When positive, the degree is an exceptional power of analysis, and when negative, uncritical oversensitiveness to both the condition of self and the state of society.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones
Operation ~ pulling a ___________ out of a ___________
Begin with the Basics: Frame your question with great care. Identify your partiality and separate from it. Strive for as much objectivity as possible. Create a space for that.
Consider, Keep or Discard: Observe and witness. Document and review. Fine tune these for further processes.
Test, Conclude: Determine how to test and try these observations. What would they tell you? Let them speak for themselves. Keep you/yourself out of it. Run a clean procedure. Let the facts come out.
Add To/Remove From: Conclusions will be what you decide to include or not include. Watch your proclivities and try not to be prejudiced. There will be an answer, untainted, insomuch as you set yourself apart—either with bearers of the truth or with false witnesses. 
You alone can decide. Now, go and do–with all that you have acquired–as you please.
As pure and unblemished as you have allowed your conclusions to be, they are now fit to serve you through application. Like a perfect ointment, a balm, or a remedy. You, the doctor of alchemy, have created a new elixir for your life—or a new poison…
Either way, you’ll know soon enough through the fruits of your choice. If worst comes to worse, then it’s back to the drawing board to try a new operation. Please, just try and stay out of your own way.
“Skin-deep simply will not do.” Namaste ~ Saijin

Scorpio 24° ~ Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man

“It’s time to call in the judge.”⁣⁣

Scorpio 24° ~ Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man ~ Keyword: APPEAL⁣⁣

“When positive, the degree is an almost spectacular ability to enlist the higher potentialities of everyone for some practical need of the moment, and when negative, indiscriminate and carefree gullibility.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣⁣

I See Fire⁣⁣

The Hierophant⁣⁣

The High Priest or Hierophant, called also Spiritual Father… He is the ruling power of external religion. The Hierophant is the power of the keys, exoteric orthodox doctrine, and the outer side of the life which leads to the doctrine.⁣⁣

Channel of Grace⁣⁣

He is rather the summa totius theologiæ, when it has passed into the utmost rigidity of expression. He symbolizes also all things that are righteous and sacred on the manifest side. He is the channel of grace belonging to the world of institution as distinct from that of Nature. He is the leader of salvation for the human race at large. He is the order and the head of the recognized hierarchy, which is the reflection of another and greater hierarchic order. He, perhaps, forgets the significance of this–his symbolic state–and acts as if he contained within his proper measures all that his sign signifies or his symbol seeks to shew forth.⁣⁣

Let Us Go Down⁣⁣

May we never forget our own symbolism and begin to think that we are that power which, in fact, we have only been given the temporal opportunity to use in this life time for service to all—a mere reflection of the higher power. Yet, let us not shy away from our challenge either! To use our inherited and bestowed power with wisdom. This is the Challenge of the Hierophant. ⁣⁣

“It’s time to call in the judge.” Namaste ~ Saijin

Scorpio 23° ~ A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy

“Transformed in no time at all.”⁣

Scorpio 23° ~ A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy ~ Keyword: TRANSITION⁣

“When positive, the degree is the thorough self-conquest by which an individual subordinates his naïve and animal impulses to his ideals and aspirations, and when negative, undisciplined escapism and complete distortion of attitude.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣

Famous Faces Morphing

And It Came to Pass⁣

You’ve heard it said in various ways, but it all boils down to change, the only constant.⁣

And It Will Be Alright⁣

You’ve heard this before, too, but maybe didn’t believe it at the moment.⁣

Oh My! And the Kicking and the Screaming!⁣

You’ve seen this most likely displayed by that two-year-old that you’d die for.⁣

The Face of Change⁣

If the only guarantee is change, and if it’s all going to be alright, then why go from here to there kicking and screaming? ⁣

Just curious….⁣

You don’t have to live up to my expectations for me to love you, nor does my love for you require that I lower my standards. In the midst of such a challenge to love is the opportunity for true self-mastery, i.e., to change and become what is known as “unconditional love“.⁣

Talk about change! Talk about being alright! Now that’s something to kick and scream for joy about!⁣

“Transformed in no time at all.” Namasté ~ Saijin

Scorpio 22° ~ Hunters starting out for ducks

“The wise use of your power.”⁣⁣

Scorpio 22° ~ Hunters starting out for ducks ~ Keyword: ENTERPRISE⁣⁣

“When positive, the degree is a complete lack of personal frustration and a constant refinement of special and practical skills in the approach to daily problems, and when negative, a callous exploitation of all life.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣⁣

We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

The Hunters and the Hunted⁣⁣

The Fox Hole: Are these clever fellows “ducking” for cover or are they waiting for dinner to fly by? ⁣⁣

The Glory of Life ~ The Horror of War⁣⁣

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein⁣⁣

Fire in the Hole⁣⁣

A warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent; likewise in love…⁣⁣

Take Cover⁣⁣

In military combat, this is a concept referring to anything which is capable of physically protecting an individual from enemy fire; likewise in love…⁣⁣

I’ve Got Your Back! Really? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?⁣⁣

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt; likewise in love…⁣⁣

It Just Suddenly Gets Very, Very Real⁣⁣

So that we might learn by our experience to distinguish the good from the evil….⁣⁣

“The wise use of your power.” Namaste ~ Saijin

Scorpio 21° ~ A soldier derelict in duty

“Life, yes! But death with honor!” ⁣

“Death, yes! But life with honor!” ⁣

Scorpio 21° ~ A soldier derelict in duty ~ Keyword: DEVIATION⁣

“When positive, the degree is effective responsibility to the inner stirrings of self and a willingness to face the consequence of true self-assertion, and when negative, complete faithlessness to the common welfare.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣


Maleficent: I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.⁣

Stefan: You’re not welcome here.⁣

Maleficent: Oh dear. What an awkward situation.⁣

Maleficent, one of the “evil characters” of fairytales has a new story to tell. “There is evil in the world,” she says.⁣

In an interview with Angelina Jolie, who played Maleficent in the 2014 Disney remake, the interviewer asks about the worst and the best parts of the Maleficent’s character. ⁣

The worst part, she quickly noted, was that here was someone who cursed a baby. ⁣

Fierce & Loyal Maleficent Returns to tell the rest of the story…⁣

“The most appealing side to her? Well, I suppose it’s both. It’s that she–and what we will now discover about her–is that she was actually somebody who is quite fierce and loyal, and a fighter for what she believed in, when she was young, and that I love about her. She’s responsive to justice.” Angelina Jolie

The secret? Shhh…. Where there is in the light a darkness, disband it; where there is in the darkness a light, expand it.⁣

“Life, yes! But death with honor!” ⁣

“Death, yes! But life with honor!” ⁣

Namasté ~ Saijin

Scorpio 20° A woman drawing two dark curtains aside

“To find out what we don’t know.”

Scorpio 20° A woman drawing two dark curtains aside ~ DARING⁣

The psychological indomitability with which the human spirit plunges ahead in every new adventure of accomplishment.⁣

Stars Align ~ Lindsey Stirling

Cazimi ~ The Quantum Trigger⁣

There are other universes, they say. Some are crumbled up so small that we can’t even imagine them, but they’re accessible. Others, they say, are a millimeter away from us. It’s the world where Einstein’s theory of then, now and the future are all coming into play at once.⁣

“It’s like looking at the 30-story building from outside against being in it on its 15th floor. On the 15th floor, you perceive the 15th floor! You can look out of the window and know that you’re part of something bigger, but you can’t see the other floors. Well, the other dimensions are, in fact, those other floors! You can move into them; you can travel up and you can travel down, but you have to know how. You have to know how to trigger it.” ⁣

In Cubist art is a wonderful thing called the Great Prismosaurus, which has millions of facets upon it, revealing a fourth dimension for everything. Everything that you can see the outside of, you can also see the inside of. (Image)⁣

“To find out what we don’t know.” Namasté ~ Saijin