Capricorn 21° A relay race ~ FITNESS

“Getting a grip on hand-offs.”

Capricorn 21° A relay race ~ FITNESS

At the Starting Block

Looking out at you
I see more within
Feelings inside-out
Thoughts outside in.

Mission Impossible?

Perhaps the reason we can’t forgive ourselves for our flaws is because we are refusing to allow another to forgive themselves for their flaws. We want to hold them accountable. We want to continue to blame them. And so, because of that limitation that we have imposed on other, we cannot with impunity, allow ourselves to forgive ourselves our imperfections. The divine I AM within will not allow such an injustice.

I Am, therefore, the task is possible.

Now, let’s call off all this silliness—this whining and complaining and griping–and get down to business. There is a task at hand. Let I Am roll!

You Say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomato’…

“Getting a grip on hand-offs.” Saijin

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