Capricorn 23° Two awards for bravery in war ~ RECOGNITION

“Dealing with a paradox?”

Capricorn 23° Two awards for bravery in war ~ RECOGNITION

Stop selling yourself short

Some will, some won’t, so what. You’ve simply got to begin with the cat in the mirror. But don’t become a man-eating lion, for God’s sake! King of your jungle, yes–terrorist, no. Think Aslan or Lion King!

You’re worth more than that

But you didn’t really break any mold. You’re not that special. Sorry, but you are quite normal, actually. You did not reinvent the wheel with your “darkness”…. We’re talking here about imperfections. Some see darkness as good. It can be. In this context, however, we are speaking of imperfections. Hold that in mind for now. It’s really just the age old story which, seemingly, may be news to some. And the message is directed towards those who would hold you bound to your imperfections for eternity, including most importantly, yourself!

Your smallness does not serve

Simba hid, so did Elsa. Until they didn’t. So go on and get over yourself. Really. Seriously. Let out a roar and let all those low opinions of you go–no matter where they are coming from. Don’t get frozen in time just because you’ve got a few scrapes and bruises here and there. If you need another opinion, give it to yourself!

Who taught you about your worth/unworthiness/unworthiness, anyway?!

The absence of evidence is not the same as the evidence of absence. You just need to keep looking at yourself, into yourself, through yourself, beyond yourself…. There is a royal template upon which all of our smears, stains, and “unworthiness” appear. And those thoughts of unworthiness can be wiped clean. Just keep rubbing until your crown of thorns shows hints of a mane of gold. Don’t go too far though! Goodness, the last thing you need is a royal ego!

Ignorance is bliss, but let’s wise up!

Bliss is one extreme; misery, the other. Dare to be wise, begin, as Horace said. You are really quite normal! And that balance is the enduring and eternal quest we are on. So, rub your eyes or rub the mirror. Your worth is in your own hands. And for every effort you make in your own behalf, you are doubly-honored this day.

“Dealing with a paradox?” Saijin

Screen capture: Frozen vs Lion King:

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