Capricorn 25° A store filled with precious Oriental rugs ~ CONSIGNMENT

“As you choose, so shall it be.” Saijin

Capricorn 25° A store filled with precious Oriental rugs ~ CONSIGNMENT

Oriental carpets

How can they not be linked to the flying variety, to genies and magic lamps? Exquisite works of art. Always calling up the imagination and wonder. The patience involved! The skill! The craftsmanship! What do you think the most difficult part of weaving such a work of beauty might be? Is it as easy as rubbing the magic lamp? No, such folly! Of course to create one of these beauties would require years of practice and patience.

Life by comparison

And the Oriental rug dealer makes a suggestion: Put your work of art–the best you have to date–here with me, consignment. You can keep working on your skills, and I’ll do the best to get you situated in the perfect home–where you belong. Only, please, do not bring me anything you have not put your very best into.

So, what is your best?

Or, are you just fooling around? Imposters of the art of life are so easily identified. You’re not fooling anyone but yourself really. Give me your best, then continue on your quest. Leave what is done here. I will place it. You will be rewarded at the right time and right place, but only on condition of you continuing on your quest…. I suspect today’s septenary has very much to do with what we really want in life or out of life. Something to do with purpose or some ultimate fulfillment that we sent ourselves here for.

Tongue-tied, not tongue-in-cheek

We get tongue-tied, not wanting to commit, or being unable to articulate this unrelenting and unspeakable surety. We’re so sure about “it” that we are unwilling to commit to anything else. Still, we struggle with what “it” is. What do you want out of life? No tongue-in-cheek answer will suffice. What allures you to it?

If You Build It, He Will Come – Field of Dreams

“As you choose, so shall it be.” Saijin

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1 thought on “Capricorn 25° A store filled with precious Oriental rugs ~ CONSIGNMENT

  1. I’ve only just discovered your blog and your work here. I’m really enjoying it. 25 Capricorn is such a potent degree for 2020. Your interpretation of the Sabian symbol makes a lot of sense to me.

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