Capricorn 29° A woman reading tea leaves ~ SIGNATURE

“Enticing invitations.”

Capricorn 29° A woman reading tea leaves ~ SIGNATURE

More than anything else, Sam Berns lived. His advice: “Never miss a party if you can help it.” Sam passed on January 11, 2014. Here is a documentary about Sam Berns, a young man who grew up (aged) way too quickly. He is one of a small number of children–around 250–globally, with the rare disease, progeria.

You’re invited!

I would recommend verification of who is sending the invite. Nowadays you never can tell. What with identify theft and scammers everywhere you turn. As the old adage says: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Life is difficult, Scott M. Peck, says in the opening line of his book, The Road Less Traveled. And Sam Berns, as well as his parents, show us that invitations “to life” are not always a party in the making. They are a life in the making. And their advice is passion, commitment, dedication, perseverance, maturity, tenacity… So, check your own signature before you embark on life’s big party invitation. Be prepared.

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me

On the other hand, if you can be fooled, then you need to be fooled. Why? Because no one gets off this planet without growing up. And, if at first you don’t succeed, then thanks to reincarnation, you can have as many go-rounds as you need. Take your time or get on with it.

Let’s make a deal

Here’s one that perhaps you can’t refuse. And if that’s the case, then go for it with gusto. Just keep in mind that if things don’t turn out the way you figured they would, then there’s a damned good lesson there to be learned. Learn it and then move on. To not do so will prolong the suffering and maybe even lead to insanity.

Once is enough

This isn’t an easy phase for any of us, but once you’ve been there and done it–if you are wise–it will have been enough to grasp the concept: You can’t get something from nothing.

ID’s checked at the door

Watch your signatures and make sure you’ve got what it takes. If you don’t, here’s where you’ll learn more about that. If you do, well then, the future’s so bright you better wear shades!

Take a Seat – Make a Friend?

“Enticing invitations.” Saijin

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