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Leo 27° “Regenerating love’s light.”

“Regenerating love’s light.”

The Span of Interpretation

Phase 147

Fire Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Leo 27° Daybreak

This is a symbol of the cycles of change as an ultimate assurance to the human heart, with an emphasis on the reason as the means by which man knows the nature of his own continuance. No matter what may be the course of events in their over-all unpredictability, there is always dawn or springtime as the promise of resurgence or a new potential in every manifestation of self and its world. Reality is ever a beginning in the sense of the immediacy it offers the individual.

The Keyword is GENESIS.

When positive, the degree is an untiring capture and recapture of life throughout the constant and confusing shifts of being, and when negative, wishful thinking and satisfaction in a vague tomorrow.

The symbol above is the trademark of The Sabian Assembly At a conference in the summer of 2011, I met José Luis Mayoral. He came to the conference from Spain. He spoke very little English. We befriended one another, and with our phones in hand to search for words, we began what is now more than a decade of communications. We have transcribed (me) and translated (him) the Sabian Astrology lesson sets by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. We both serve on the International Outreach and Support Committee. I often muse that we must have been blessed with the gift of tongues those many years ago. It is inexplicable, but it is real nonetheless.

At that conference, one morning, I saw him running towards me, all upset about something. Despacio…slowly…slowly, I told him. It was his phone—he’d lost it! He was trying to tell me that he had retraced his steps, not knowing exactly when, the evening before, he’d lost it. Something about a Sabian symbol now. What, José Luis, otra vez, otra vez, tell me again, tell me again.

“Daybreak. In my room, I think. Leo 27 DAYBREAK. Break in day. Dinner. I take break dinner.” We headed to the restaurant. He’d just come from there. He was showing me where he had had his dinner. It was in the bar area at a round-top table for two. I asked the bartender about a phone. He recognized José Luis and shook his head no, as he had earlier when he’d been asked “Telephono?”

We turned to leave. There was a morning line-up of people assembling. It was getting very congested near the front entry-way. The hostesses were in a flurry, grabbing menus and motioning parties forward. It was loud and confusing. But in that confusion, I found peace. I saw opportunity.

As the hostess grabbed beneath the dais for a handful of menus, I leaned in and asked, “Excuse me. Have you received a lost iPhone here?”

“Why, yes! Here!” She lifted it up. José Luis saw it and jumped in shouts of exclamation and joy.

That seems to be the end of the story. But you may have missed the critical point that here was a Spanish-speaking man in a country not his own, trying to navigate our culture, peoples and environment, only to have lost his one connection to home—his phone. He returned to conference elated, and to then back to Spain once more, enriched by having met others of his group on the other side of the pond. One relationship was sealed and forged to a new way ahead—Leo 27 Daybreak: Genesis. This symbol will always remain my evidence to him (the Sabian symbologist to the Sabian astrologer)—and himself to himself (the Sabian astrologer to the Sabian symbols)—that the Sabian symbols, like Astrology is for everyone. He’d thought them “too American” and had dismissed them, but I pressed on relentlessly, speaking of them and debating (in very poor Spanish) of their efficacy to all peoples. Now, they did their magic and reconnect him to his phone, to his loved ones across the pond, and to his homeland ….. at the break of day.

We left conference on separate paths, or so it would seem… In a decade of time, we have produced many works in both languages for our people. We are forging ahead and continue…

“Regenerating love’s light.” Namaste ~ Saijin