Scorpio 26° ~ Indians making camp

“Doing whatever it takes.”

Scorpio 26° ~ Indians making camp ~ Keyword: EXTEMPORIZATION

“When positive, the degree is unusual resourcefulness and a gift for finding real opportunity in the least promising of situations, and when negative, unambitious acceptance of things as they are.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣

Memento Mori ~ Alan Watts on the Fear of Death

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Albert Camus⁣


“The art of alchemy is simply changing one form into another. Most people think of alchemy as a medieval obsession for changing lead into gold. And while this is one form of alchemy, anything that causes a change in form is alchemy as well. Turning water into steam is alchemy. Changing a dry tea bag into tea is also alchemy.”⁣

“While external alchemy, like changing lead into gold is a fascinating enterprise, I am more intrigued by internal alchemy, like the type discussed by Magdalen in the Manuscript. But whether one is attempting to create enhanced abilities in oneself or to brew a cup of tea, some of the principles are the same.”⁣

Just tip me over and pour me out⁣

“All successful alchemies must have three elements: 1) a substance to be transformed; 2) a container to hold the alchemical reaction; and 3) energy.”⁣

Just sit down and think about that for a while. Think about life. Think about the journey. Think about death. Think about the return. Oh, here, don’t forget to take your tea. Amor fati! (Translation: Love of one’s fate.)⁣

“Doing whatever it takes.” Namasté ~ Saijin

2 thoughts on “Scorpio 26° ~ Indians making camp

  1. I have Mars @ 26° of Scorpio. I can relate to the part where it says “…a gift for finding real opportunity in the least promising of situations; and when negative, unambitious acceptance of things as they are.” <<< yep, I've been throwing my hands up, so to speak, for the last couple years. Part of me is just done trying when everything blows up in my face. If I get to know someone and make a new friend, they move to another city. If I have a plant growing sensationally, an animal will destroy it or something. So I let the garden go lately.. and give up on my "friends" and "lovers" who clearly are too busy for me. I dunno, it's as if I can no longer have "nice things".

    I'm also pondering whether or not the universal karma (aka, God/Guru/higher power?) is attempting to teach me a lesson, by taking away nearly all of my relations, for no reason, PLUS my belongings/physical property?? There was a fire incident in Nov. 2021 (neighbour) – and I lost 95% of my things; as if the rug has been pulled out from beauty my feet – why? It's easy to ask "why" things happen. Most people likely arent thinking along the lines of… maybe not for any reason, other than learning to not become too comfortable.

    I hope that's only because of Uranus in Taurus; transiting my 7th house, lining up with my north node, part-of-fortune AND Black Moon Lilith…a (seemingly) NEVER-ending transit I might add.

    The mere fact I was born with Mars in its sign of Scorpio is a GOOD thing in my chart. It's actually "less malific" I suppose, in its home sign, except…… it's kinda close to my Pluto (7°18") and south node ( in the first house. Scorpio ascendant @ 4°22". Not complaining I'm just utterly confused!! Haha! Confusion makes me prone to "f*ck it" mentalities, as you more or less indicated in your posting! Clearly, greater powers have the control & I need to sit back & observe. But not let go completely… lest I truly become depressed & a recluse…on one hand, we must relinquish the modern-day desires for petty, interpersonal & material control. But I feel relinquishing all one's power or stamina, in the face of adversity, prevents some level of growth; improving future adaptations, and crisis responses.. it's a fine line between "just let it go" and becoming a sloth-on-a-doormat. Lol. Thank you for letting me get this out. Seriously. ✌️ 🌞🌎

    1. Thought-provoking comments, thank you.
      “sit back and observe”…
      “learning to not become too comfortable”…
      “relinquish the modern-day desires”…
      “improving future adaptations and crisis responses”..

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