Virgo 25° “How you treat others matters.”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 175

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-social-inspired.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 25° A flag at half-mast

This is a symbol of the inevitable judgment which life must pronounce on itself, and of the sure rewards that stand ready for whatever proves of worth in the course of effort. The highest of everyday values for the common man are created in a public service which has its first compensation in the individual’s self-fulfillment, and its ultimate justification in some measure of immortal contribution to history. Reputation is the subtle coin by which personality creates an enduring wealth for everyone, to be preserved no less in death than life.

The Keyword is RESPECT.

When positive, the degree is achievement in a full transcendence of selfhood, and when negative, superficial self-dramatization.

Dear Mr. President ~ P!NK

So, are you getting the respect you deserve? Who’s Who and Who Cares? Is it true that good intentions can lead a path to hell?

You decide… Just take a look around at the world we are living in. Dear Mr. President, How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?

If we measure success by fame, money in the bank, credentials, position in society, then you are probably sleeping well. But if we measure your (and our own) status by a level playing field, we will soon be brought face to face with the true decisive factor — that how we treat others matters. That karma is not a suggestion but a cosmic law. And that which we send out of the storehouse of our lives will return to us in short order. We are too aware now to think that all those superficial layers of clout and notoriety amount to anything. They are what they are, but they do not define the person. They are superficial and transient coverings. If we haven’t learned that yet—and there may still be a few that haven’t—then I’ve got a question: How is that going to work out for you in the end? Dear Mr. President, Will the flag at your passing be at half-mast out of respect or will it be only half-way up because you never measured up to your full potential?

“How you treat others matters.” Namaste ~ Saijin

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