Virgo 30° “Light is called into action.”

Virgo 30° ~ A false call unheard in attention to immediate service ~ Keyword: SAFEGUARD⁣

“When positive, the degree is exceptionally gratifying self-fulfillment through the development of a genuine integrity, and when negative, consistently witless indiscretion.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣

“Light is called into action.”⁣

Ace Ventura: Slinky Scene

“It was right there! Can I do it one more time?”

Never ask a human being for permission when Spirit moves you!

Honorable Mention ~ Welcome Fall, where Forced Submission meets up with Spiritual Independence!⁣

Things that matter more—like honoring and being your true self—like answering The Call when it comes. But that does, can, and will cause trouble at times. And the higher up on the leadership totem you get, the more risk you take by abandoning the script that was handed to you.⁣

Scripts that Weren’t Adhered To⁣

Politicians and Hollywood Stars aren’t excused from this idea of being high up on the totem pole either. Any kind of fame or notoriety can get you into the arena of forced submission. But today demands spiritual independence. The light is being called into action. Lights! Camera! Action!⁣

Against All Odds⁣

Today is about the immortality of a message, in a way. Some pay a high price to deliver it. Still there are messages that will persist, regardless the risk. Those are on-stage now. They show up through mortal mouthpieces, in various arenas. Were you able to hear them, see them, smell, taste or touch them? Maybe you have been called to give them!⁣

“Light is called into action.” Namaste, Saijin

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