Capricorn 9° “I’ll tune it myself, thank you.”

The Span of Illusiveness – The 1st Hemisphere of Capricorn

Phase 279

Earth Element – Cardinal

The formula is: sustaining-critical-efficient-specializing-social-responsible.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Capricorn 9° An angel carrying a harp

This is a symbol of the eternal and unabated interest of the human spirit in the simple potentialities of experience, and of the unconditioned enthusiasm of all human motives in their original inception. Here is a continuing sense of spiritual source as it pervades man’s consciousness, enabling him to avoid the limitations in any given situation and so to drive ahead to a point of self-fulfillment. There is an over-all harmony of which each individual remains essentially a part.

The keyword is ATTUNEMENT.

When positive, the degree is a special gift for inspiring others to accomplishment and for realizing the ultimate dreams of self as a consequence, and when negative, simple fantasy and uncritical self-superiority.

Helsinki , Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah 

“There is no lasting hope in violence, only temporary relief from hopelessness.” Kingman Brewster, Jr.

Suicide by Cop

Things that provoke to anger so much so that we are willing to die to get even. We all have our triggers. There are times we all want to heap hot coals on some unjust situation. Sometimes on a person. CHILL OUT!

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Just walk away… It takes someone pretty damned special to be able to just walk away from a situation that has triggered him or her. Counting to ten, they say, will allow for the gap—the space—for rationality to have sway.

Eye for an Eye?

Tooth for a tooth? Is that what we’ve learned? We will be tested. We must be. We need to see what we’ve learned, what’s really sunk in, what’s taken hold at the deepest levels. We have the Goddess-given right to know where we stand with ourselves!

First Blood

Do the fires of hell still burn deep within? Or is there a faint but distinctly different sound attempting to come through? Life is difficult. Life is suffering. Speak to me! Life is also beautiful! Life is also wonderful! Who or what or which is playing on your harp? Devil went down to Georgia, perhaps? Still tangoing with your shadow self? Battles still raging? Still dancing on those hot coals, walking through fire, being stung by fiery serpents?


My own definition of sacrifice is to give up something “good” for something “better”. That always requires walking away from the old thing causing reality to now be composed of only the new. What you focus on you keep alive. There must be a turning from one to the other. Not easy. Sacrifice never has been. It’s just an opportunity to change–your tune—tuning up, not down.


Today’s septenary speaks to “Attunement.” To what are we fine-tuning ourselves? To challenge? To revenge? Or to healing? Which way to tune–up or down. Haven’t you held onto those hot coals of hell fire long enough? Time to pick up your weapon of choice, choose your music, play your tune! The New Year is upon us!

“These violent delights have violent ends.” William Shakespeare

“I’ll tune it myself, thank you.” Saijin

Art by Alexandra Jordankova

Welcome to more of the amazing and wondrous Sabian symbols!

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