Pisces 22 ~ “It all comes down to this.”


“You can make your dreams come true.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 352

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 22° A man bringing down the new law from Sinai

This is a symbol of the eternal authority implicit in the very fact of man’s ideals, and of a spiritualization of experience through the religious insights of human society and the institutions it has created for the common welfare. The inspired prophets of each age have been custodians of an enduring morality, and this has its embodiment in the mountain-top aspiration of even the least of individuals. Right is dramatized as a personal responsibility for the course of events.

The keyword is MANDATE

When positive, the degree is self-sacrifice and a determination to further the ultimate upliftment of all men, and when negative, self-exploitation and impenetrable egotism.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-social-sensitive.

Annie Lennox Take Me to the River 1995 https://youtu.be/4hrm5r7_RWk

Shoot for the stars! Raise the bar! Keep your ideals front and center! Never back down. Never give in.

Begin with the end in mind! Imagine! Dream! Believe! Stay humble. Remember your purpose. Stay busy. Never give up.

You’re gonna do great, kid! We’re counting on you!

“You can make your dreams come true.” Saijin http://wp.me/pvy3W-AG

Image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4HLmqUX4Qjw/maxresdefault.jpg

Welcome to more of the amazing and wondrous Sabian symbols!

To learn more about The Sabian Assembly, the organization founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones on October 17, 1923, where seekers are bound by “searching for competent rather than easy answers to the problems of life”, please visit The Sabian Assembly.

I invite you to visit me on my website at SabianGeometry, on YouTube at Sabian Geometry or on  Facebook at Sabian Geometry with Saijin. The Sabian Symbol Septenary (7-fold model) is available to read on WordPress or if you prefer to  listen, on Spotify.

If you are interested in studying the Sabian symbols in their models of the Cross (4-fold, structural) and the Star (5-fold, creative), I invite you to purchase my book: On the Shoulders of Giants: Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology

*All of my works are based on Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, 1953 First Edition, The Sabian Publishing Society, New York; printed in the United States of America by the Roberts Studio Press, Arden, Delaware.



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