Pisces 28° “What do you want to create?”


The Span of Protection – The 2nd Hemisphere of Pisces

Phase 358

Water Element – Common or Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-spiritual-responsible.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 28° A fertile garden under the full moon

This is a symbol of a simple satisfaction through outer rather than inner manifestations of reality, or of a normal self-dedication to purely conventional accomplishment. Man is blessed as he is more the average than the exceptional individual, since he then is legion in his service to his kind. His struggles have the common note in which the race survives, and in his archetypal make-up there is room to salvage all the failures and embody all the contributions of the far more lonely genius.

The keyword is ULTIMACY.

When positive, the degree is high reward in worldly goods and exceptional self-integrity in using them, and when negative, irritating pride of possession.

The Gods Must Be Restless

The Lightning Strike ~ What if this Storm Ends?  Snow Patrol

There is an archetypal quality in today’s symbol. From the outside, we see normality, success–just exactly as the world, our cultures, our caste systems lay it out. But on the inside, we will find from deeper inspection, that part of the symbol that has the inherent ability “to salvage all the failures and embody all the contributions of the far more lonely genius.” How? How can one bent on success, as the world speaks of it, salvage and embody that which it is not?

Ah! There is an answer, but it is hidden within. Thus, we must look deeper! Come and take a peek where the wildest of dreams lie hidden…

Yes, there is much material wealth and the ability to fit in, most fittingly, with the upper-crust of society, and also the willingness to work hard for the materialization of the things which this world demands. Then there is that secret part, enchanted by true genius, mesmerized by those who daringly follow their dreams without any thought given whatsoever to material possession—those outcasts that the world would set aside. Here also then is yearning and compassion far-reaching. Genuine admiration for all creatures and their willingness to follow their own dreams. A respect for equality and equanimity at all levels of existence. These feelings are kept hidden. This fertile garden is a blind and filter meant to keep out those who are truly superficial. They will see only the ultimate wealth and abundance. Perchance, you are one of the lucky ones, the more illuminated ones, visiting the fertile garden on the full moon when lightning strikes and the fairies and sprites of this soul are seen skipping from petal to stalk and weaving their magic!

What if this storm ends?
And I don’t see you
As you are now
Ever again
A perfect halo
Of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against
The planet’s last dance
Just for a minute
The silver forked sky
Lit you up like a star
That I will follow

Lyrics, Snow Patrol ~ The Lightning Strike

“What do you want to create?” Namaste ~ Saijin

Screen capture: The Lightning Strike 

Welcome to the amazing Sabian symbols!

These personal reflections are but an example of one person’s journey of discovery with the Sabian Symbols. This blog series was written in 2014 and 2015, during the last two years of my mother’s life. She and I lived here together in my home, and at the end of each day I would sit and write my reflections on each symbol. At that time I had studied the Sabian symbols for seven years. However, these blogs aren’t interpretations, they are simply my reflections about the symbols. Yet, they hold a very sacred place in my heart and in my memories. I have edited them lightly over the following years, but always preserving the essential feelings and energies surrounding that first attempt at writing about them. When this series is done being edited, around Scorpio season, I will most likely go on and begin a new blog series. Much has changed over the past nearly nine years! I have many other things I’d like to share about the symbols. But, for now, this is the first cycle of reflections.

If you are interested in beginning your own adventure with the Sabian symbols, I encourage you to begin keeping a set of notes of your own thoughts. You might begin your quest with drawing a Sabian symbol from the Sabian Oracle. You can find it by clicking the link below. Enter the time of the draw for later reference.

Draw a Sabian symbol from the Sabian Oracle!

You can find more of my works on my website at SabianGeometry, on YouTube at Sabian Geometry or on  Facebook at Sabian Geometry with Saijin. If you are interested in studying the Sabian symbols in their models of the Cross (4-fold) and the Star (5-fold), I invite you to purchase my book: On the Shoulders of Giants: Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology. The Sabian Symbol Septenary (7-fold model) is available to read on WordPress or if you prefer to  listen, on Spotify.

*All of my works are based on Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, 1953 First Edition.

To learn more about The Sabian Assembly, the organization founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones on October 17, 1923, where seekers are bound by “searching for competent rather than easy answers to the problems of life”, please visit The Sabian Assembly.

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