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Pisces 30 ~ “Love, life–it will get messy.”


“Love, life—it will get messy.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 360

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 30° The Great Stone Face

This is a symbol of human responsibility as an immortality of the soul, and of a way of living which has become a continual manifestation of its ideal and so a constant dramatization of its self-discovery to others as an encouragement to them in their own alignment to eternal reality. Each individual selects the image within himself to which he would shape himself outwardly, and this he comes to resemble as in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s tale. Destiny is character as it most persistently constitutes itself.

The keyword is DISCERNMENT

When positive, the degree is self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events, and when negative, wholly inarticulate and ineffectual self-realization.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-spiritual-inspired.

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

You want a diamond? Start here…

African saying…

“Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.”

Sealing Up Your Box of Offering and Sacrifice

Come to the portal of wisdom this day with heart in hand. Tomorrow a woman will rise from the sea. Today all things become concretized. Your way is not the world’s way. This is your way. This is my way. This is All Ways…. Tomorrow will birth a new cycle for each and every part of the All. But today all things become concrete. We do not understand all things; nevertheless, all things in their current condition of non-understanding and imperfection must come to rest. Tomorrow must begin with a new thought—a new way ahead—a new quest for consciousness and evolution.

Today sets all imperfections into their boxes of safe-keeping, forever. There is no more we can do with this imperfection save to seal it up, having tried our best. That is all that we could do, and all that has been asked of us by ourselves! It is sad! It is exhilarating! But now it must consume itself, concretize, that life may begin anew! I can do no more. You can do no more. Thus, we seal it up; we lift it up. We raise and lift it up into Heaven’s hands. It is my gift; it is your gift–of what I have done with all that I was given, of what you have done with all that you were given. We pray our gifts—our offerings and sacrifices– may be found worthy in some regard.

“Love, life—it will get messy.” Saijin

Image: Easter Island


Pisces 29 ~ “Birth a new light from within.”


“Birth a new light from within.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 359

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 29° A prism

This is a symbol of the world’s stability, and of the refusal of nature to change any aspect of herself unnecessarily. The reliability of normal processes and the consistency of true intelligence are the foundation of a common knowledge which man has been expanding through the centuries, and his continuance of the control he has gained over his environment is promise of much more wonderful achievement ahead. He is able to take any convenient facet of the reality at his hand and fashion it into an effective instrument for a measure of the whole potential.

The keyword is VALIDATION

When positive, the degree is exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy, and when negative, fatuous pride of intellect.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-spiritual-responsible.

Matrix Revolutions: I believed, I believed…

Southern lights seen in the skies above Dunedin, New Zealand (Paul Le Comte)

Diffraction Grating

Making things clear and ordered for better understanding, taking the undefinable and defining it. Giving structure to an opaque and obscure rendering, dividing things asunder for assimilation. In science, it is called a spectrometer; its purpose is to produce “an optical component with a periodic structure, which splits and diffracts light into several beams travelling in different directions. The emerging coloration is a form of structural coloration.” Wiki

“Birth a new light from within.” Saijin

Screen capture: Prism


Pisces 28 ~ “What do you want to create?”


“What do you want to create?”

The Span of Protection

Phase 358

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 28° A fertile garden under the full moon

This is a symbol of a simple satisfaction through outer rather than inner manifestations of reality, or of a normal self-dedication to purely conventional accomplishment. Man is blessed as he is more the average than the exceptional individual, since he then is legion in his service to his kind. His struggles have the common note in which the race survives, and in his archetypal make-up there is room to salvage all the failures and embody all the contributions of the far more lonely genius.

The keyword is ULTIMACY

When positive, the degree is high reward in worldly goods and exceptional self-integrity in using them, and when negative, irritating pride of possession.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-spiritual-responsible.

The Gods Must Be Restless

The Lightning Strike ~ What if this Storm Ends? by Snow Patrol

There is an archetypal quality in today’s symbol. From the outside, we see normality, success–just exactly as the world, our cultures, our caste systems lay it out. But on the inside, we will find from deeper inspection, that part of the symbol that has the inherent ability “to salvage all the failures and embody all the contributions of the far more lonely genius.” How? How can one bent on success, as the world speaks of it, salvage and embody that which it is not?

Ah! There is an answer, but it is hidden within. Thus, we must look deeper! Come and take a peek where the wildest of dreams lie hidden…

Yes, there is much material wealth and the ability to fit in, most fittingly, with the upper-crust of society, and also the willingness to work hard for the materialization of the things which this world demands. Then there is that secret part, enchanted by true genius, mesmerized by those who daringly follow their dreams without any thought given whatsoever to material possession—those outcasts that the world would set aside. Here also then is yearning and compassion far-reaching. Genuine admiration for all creatures and their willingness to follow their own dreams. A respect for equality and equanimity at all levels of existence. These feelings are kept hidden. This fertile garden is a blind and filter meant to keep out those who are truly superficial. They will see only the ultimate wealth and abundance. Perchance, you are one of the lucky ones, the more illuminated ones, visiting the fertile garden on the full moon when lightning strikes and the fairies and sprites of this soul are seen skipping from petal to stalk and weaving their magic!

What if this storm ends?
And I don’t see you
As you are now
Ever again
A perfect halo
Of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against
The planet’s last dance
Just for a minute
The silver forked sky
Lit you up like a star
That I will follow

Lyrics, Snow Patrol ~ The Lightning Strike

“What do you want to create?” Saijin

Screen capture: The Lightning Strike


Pisces 27 ~ “Labor with your heart and soul.”


“Labor with your heart and soul.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 357

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 27° A harvest moon

This is a symbol of life’s moments of culmination as the threshold of new achievement rather than as any canceling out of experience in the given aspect, and it emphasizes the fact that nature in her immeasurable prodigality is forever showering man with the products of her untiring creativeness. She is saying to him that his productivity is as rich as hers, and that the highly concentrated resources of the world are at the immediate service of anyone who will put them to use and so facilitate their replacement.

The keyword is BENEDICTION

When positive, the degree is self-consummation which is successful beyond any possibility of measure, and when negative, loss of self in a welter of opportunity.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-spiritual-sensitive.

Neil Young – Harvest Moon

The Spirit of Passion ~ Who am I?

Be productive! Dig deep! Go the extra mile! Engage your creativity! Be as prodigious as is Mother Earth in her bountiful harvest unto us! And when your harvest is come, may you say unto yourself, Well done, good and faithful servant!

Seeds of Best Intention

We will reap what we sow in the realms of time and space. Our efforts will be magnified by the unseen realms—mysteries which we cannot begin to understand or appreciate in their fullness. Begin therefore with the end in mind.

Remembering how small we are in comparison with who we are—that is the power to bring forth an appreciation—a benediction—on everything we plant, everything we touch and nurture—the power to bring forth a bountiful harvest.

An most importantly, to bring forth such a harvest in our relationships. “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.” Stephen Hawking

“Labor with your heart and soul.” Saijin



Pisces 26 ~ “On this hand, on the other.”


“On this hand, on the other.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 356

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 26° A new moon that divides its influences

This is a symbol of universal initiative as a basic dynamic in any personal scheme of things, and it reveals itself most simply in man’s instinctive and often blind outreach to the reality in which he participates. His action must be tentative until he achieves his own true self-discovery, but he makes a fine skill of his uncertainty and refuses to commit himself except as he encounters a full response to his deeper realization and ultimate motives.

The keyword is FINESSE

When positive, the degree is a thoroughgoing capitalization on life’s transitions and an effective development of every emerging potentiality of self, and when negative, a completely disruptive vacillation.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-spiritual-experimental.

Christina Perri – Human

Things that are divided asunder, hidden things. Strategic plans. No rescue in sight
Wide the gate, narrow the way. This way or that? Time for division, time for decision.

Advice: Trust others for who they are, not for who you expect them to be.
“Et tu, Brute?” Caesar, Julius Caesar (III, i, 77), Shakespeare

Perhaps the most famous three words uttered in literature, “Et tu, Brute?” (Even you, Brutus?), this expression has come down in history to mean the ultimate betrayal by one’s closest friend. This scene, in which the conspirators in the Senate assassinate Caesar, is one of the most dramatic moments on the Shakespearean stage. The audience has just witnessed the arrogance and hubris of a ruler who has sought, within a republic, to become a monarch, comparing himself to the gods. Brutus, a friend of Caesar and yet a man who loves Rome (and freedom) more, has joined the conspirators in the assassination, a betrayal which is captured by the three words above in this famous Shakespeare quote.

On the other hand….A goddess to the rescue! Et tu, Anna Perenna?

The Ides of March also marks the day of the festival of Anna Perenna, Roman Goddess. Her story is as follows. “Anna Perenna was an old Roman deity of the circle or “ring” of the year, as the name (per annum) clearly indicates. Her festival fell on the Ides of March (March 15)… [O]fferings were made to her ut annare perannareque commode liceat, i.e. “that the circle of the year may be completed happily” and that people sacrificed to her both publicly and privately.

“On this hand, on the other.” Saijin

Images: By Vincenzo Camuccini – Own work, user:Rlbberlin, Public Domain,; Suicide of Dido, a representation of Dido being rescued by her sister Anna, later identified with the Roman divinity Anna Perenna, oil on canvas by Guercino, 1625, Rome, Galleria Spada.


Pisces 25 ~ “I’ll give you three good reasons.”


“I’ll give you three good reasons.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 355

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 25° The purging of the priesthood

This is a symbol of the inevitable judgment which life must pronounce on itself, and of the sure penalties that await whatever may fail to prove its worth. Man demands an absolute integrity for his spiritual or immortal insights, and will have no falling short of his ideals in those who elect to be custodians of his higher and invisible treasures. He approaches the problems of his own regeneration through a dramatization of potentials he recognizes but cannot altogether instrument, and he will not tolerate their depreciation.

The keyword is REFORMATION

When positive, the degree is revolt against all superficial exaltation of human nature, and when negative, blind bigotry and vindictiveness.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-social-inspired.

The Golden Compass – Official Trailer

Pointing the way to truth ~ The Alethiometer

The golden compass, more formally referred to as the alethiometer, is an extraordinarily intricate device able to answer any question formed in the mind of the user. Created centuries ago by a metaphysical scientist, the truth-telling, future-seeing machine points not to true North like an ordinary compass, but to Truth itself. The alethiometer’s face is ornamented with 36 arcane symbols, each of which may convey different meanings in combination with any of the others and according to the subtleties of the machine’s motions. As you can imagine, this makes it incredibly difficult to read.

Difficult, yes; impossible, no!

“I’ll give you three good reasons.” Saijin

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Pisces 24 ~ “Always keeping first things first.”


“Always keeping first things first.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 354

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 24° An inhabited island

This is a symbol of the self-adequacy of experience on the objective side of everyday reality, and of man’s gift for the organization of his own private world in any area of his special interest. He is always able to function in a complete independence of the alien or the unfriendly, and to develop adequate resources for his need in what at the beginning might seem to be the most barren of situations. He capitalizes on the potentials among which he finds himself, and nurses the least of promise to its fruits.

The keyword is CULTIVATION

When positive, the degree is achievement through a creative opportunism or inventiveness of exceptional order, and when negative, snobbish complacency and self-indulgence.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-social-responsible.

The First Place on Earth to Welcome the Sun, each and every day

There are things we can count on in life, like clockwork. Welcome to Kiritimati!
In Kiritimati, the first piece of land on this amazing planet we call earth, there is a constant greeting of the sun each sunrise which sets our calendar earth day going forward. You can count on it! That is their heritage as preserved in chant and song (see video marker).

The first to greet the sun each new day! Just imagine! What an honor! What a rich tradition they have. They know, like today’s septenary, how to keep first things first.

Kiritimati (Kiribati) – Christmas Island Documentary – Between Sky and Ocean (27:01) The ending is wonderful!

Kiritimati Atoll, also called Christmas Atoll, is a coral island in the Northern Line Islands, part of Kiribati, in the west-central Pacific Ocean. Kiritimati Atoll was sighted on Christmas Eve in 1777 by the English navigator Capt. James Cook. Kiritimati is the Gilbertese spelling of Christmas.

This symbol holds great mystery and the septenary, a tale that spans its very history.

Oh, and did I mention today is PI day? Curious, isn’t it, how this amazing mandala of Sabian symbols seems to line-up with such things as this?

“Always keeping first things first.” Saijin

Image source: Kiritimati


Pisces 23 ~ “Got time? How will you spend it?”


“Got time? How will you spend it?”

The Span of Protection

Phase 353

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 23° Spiritist phenomena

This is a symbol of the organic integrity of the world at large, evident here in man’s facility for actual and conscious co-operation with the potentials of an immortal reality. Implicit in the symbolism is the fact that the individual will be conditioned increasingly by the caprice of his ideas and the mishaps of his experience unless he gives continual attention to the realms of reality he has thought to make particularly his own. He achieves as he holds a clear picture of the end results he desires.

The keyword is SENSITIVITY

When positive, the degree is exceptional ability in shaping every immediate aspect of life to a personal convenience, and when negative, instability and confused perspective.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-social-receptive.

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.” William Blake

“Got time? How will you spend it?” Saijin

Image source: Deviant Art WyldRaven


Pisces 22 ~ “You can make your dreams come true.”


“You can make your dreams come true.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 352

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 22° A man bringing down the new law from Sinai

This is a symbol of the eternal authority implicit in the very fact of man’s ideals, and of a spiritualization of experience through the religious insights of human society and the institutions it has created for the common welfare. The inspired prophets of each age have been custodians of an enduring morality, and this has its embodiment in the mountain-top aspiration of even the least of individuals. Right is dramatized as a personal responsibility for the course of events.

The keyword is MANDATE

When positive, the degree is self-sacrifice and a determination to further the ultimate upliftment of all men, and when negative, self-exploitation and impenetrable egotism.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-social-sensitive.

Annie Lennox Take Me to the River 1995

Shoot for the stars! Raise the bar! Keep your ideals front and center! Never back down. Never give in.

Begin with the end in mind! Imagine! Dream! Believe! Stay humble. Remember your purpose. Stay busy. Never give up.

You’re gonna do great, kid! We’re counting on you!

“You can make your dreams come true.” Saijin

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Pisces 21 ~ “Identify, develop.”


“Identify, develop.”

The Span of Protection

Phase 351

Water Element

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Pisces 21° A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant

This is a symbol of the scattered divisions of labor through which any over-all reality is encountered by man in his everyday or more haphazard existence, and of the necessity that he brings the threads of his diffusion into a skein of meaning and opportunity. He must learn that nothing acts alone or persists in a vacuum, and that in consequence there is an integrating significance throughout his own experience. He must find this and draw it to single focus in some special design of self-expression.

The keyword is TALENT

When positive, the degree is completely unconditioned self-discovery out of wholly unlimited potentialities, and when negative, groping aimlessness.

The formula is: sustaining-practical-universal-generalizing-social-experimental.

Good Will Hunting – Park Scene

Learning Boy ~ A pupil or disciple, a person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others.

The things we don’t know we don’t know

The things, therefore, that may yet be given. Humility required. Dedication essential, an ever present potentiality at core. Never assuming, never presuming. Simply beginning where we are, how we are, and opening to the wonder of curiosity and expectation. Talents arrive in such times and in such spaces as this.

“Identify, develop.” Saijin

Image: Screen capture Good Will Hunting