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An Introduction to My Work

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my work.

My work aligns with the 365-day calendar, not the 360-degree circle. In order to do this five additional days or spaces have been added to the wheel of 360 Sabian symbols. I call them the Days of the Divine Feminine. Yes, on Leap Year, there is an additional degree or spacing, which serves as Leap Day.

Thus, in my work, the heavens align in perfect order with the Earth and vice versa. For this reason, there are times when my work is ahead of the astrological sunrise degree and times when it is behind the sunrise degree and times when it is in alignment with the astrological degrees. You may have noticed this if you follow me and receive my daily blog notification emails. It is for those of you who have taken note of this that I am writing this explanation.

In astrological chart calculations using the 360-degree wheel, these five days are accounted for as “Holdover” and “Skipped” degrees to compensate for the difference between 360 and 365. Further, they are not the same every year! The Sabian Assembly invites you to download a free pdf Sabian Symbol sunrise chart for 2023. While there you might take a moment to read the explanation for these holdover and skipped degrees. In my work, there are no symbols skipped or held over, as each day has its own symbol. However, the dates on which these fall are matched into alignment with the calendar, the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

By the way, I am also an avid astrology student, and I am well-aware of the relationship and distinction between my work and astrological computations. I draw, study and read charts as do many of you, on a daily basis, and have done so for 17 years now. My work is not in opposition to astrology, but is my own creative alignment—an experiment, which I share with others and which is especially directed to non-astrologers. I understand and enjoy the benefits of both systems.

Let’s continue.

Where is this star pattern located, you might wonder. I placed one of the five points opposite the Galactic Center, which is at Sagittarius 28. It is the 3rd point of the star pattern. The placement for it is, therefore, between Gemini 28 and 29.

The five points I use are aligned with the seasons, given by Pythagoras as being five in number, not four. They are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Terror Time or The Blackening. More on that here: Pythagorean Pentacle: Organic Cycles. Here are the five dates and Days of the Divine Feminine, which are also found in my book On the Shoulders of Giants: Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology by Saijin:

1st Day of the Divine Feminine – The Blackening – between Aquarius 4 and 5 – January 24

2nd Day of the Divine Feminine – Spring – between Aries 16 and 17 – April 7

3rd Day of the Divine Feminine – Summer – between Gemini 28 and 29 – June 19

4th Day of the Divine Feminine – Autumn – between Virgo 10 and 11 – August 31

5th Day of the Divine Feminine – Winter – between Scorpio 22 and 23 – November 12

If you would be interested in further discussions about my work, please let me know by leaving a comment below or contacting me directly at I also host a group on Facebook: Sabian Geometry with Saijin.

Blessed Be ~ Saijin

The Sabian Symbol Enneagram and Time Portal

The enneagram and time portal work is sponsored by Cancer 16.

from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology
by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones

Now that Cycle 1 is complete—collecting data, daily experiences, and creating templates—the analysis phase of Cycle 2 can begin.

How it Works

I hope you have enjoyed my first introductory video. There will be more in the future!

The culminating phase will be a DIY Workbook with access to a calendar library of all symbols and prefilled templates, additional resources and live Zoom Q&A sessions. Expected date is early 2024.

If you would like to support me in my work with a contribution, you can do so by clicking this link:

My desire is to digitalize the program over the next five years. Your contributions will help me to accomplish this! Thank you!

My book, On the Shoulders of Giants: Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology, is available here:

Namaste ~ Saijin

Virgo 30° “Light is called into action.”

Virgo 30° ~ A false call unheard in attention to immediate service ~ Keyword: SAFEGUARD⁣

“When positive, the degree is exceptionally gratifying self-fulfillment through the development of a genuine integrity, and when negative, consistently witless indiscretion.” Dr. Marc Edmund Jones⁣

“Light is called into action.”⁣

Ace Ventura: Slinky Scene

“It was right there! Can I do it one more time?”

Never ask a human being for permission when Spirit moves you!

Honorable Mention ~ Welcome Fall, where Forced Submission meets up with Spiritual Independence!⁣

Things that matter more—like honoring and being your true self—like answering The Call when it comes. But that does, can, and will cause trouble at times. And the higher up on the leadership totem you get, the more risk you take by abandoning the script that was handed to you.⁣

Scripts that Weren’t Adhered To⁣

Politicians and Hollywood Stars aren’t excused from this idea of being high up on the totem pole either. Any kind of fame or notoriety can get you into the arena of forced submission. But today demands spiritual independence. The light is being called into action. Lights! Camera! Action!⁣

Against All Odds⁣

Today is about the immortality of a message, in a way. Some pay a high price to deliver it. Still there are messages that will persist, regardless the risk. Those are on-stage now. They show up through mortal mouthpieces, in various arenas. Were you able to hear them, see them, smell, taste or touch them? Maybe you have been called to give them!⁣

“Light is called into action.” Namaste, Saijin

Virgo 28° “Watch where you wield that power!”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 178

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-spiritual-receptive.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 28° A bald-headed man

This is a symbol of a simple satisfaction in the inner rather than outer manifestations of reality, and of the challenge to any purely personal attainment to become more than a visible proof of the special excellency. Man is not called on to make himself a scourge of his fellows any more than he is to be encouraged to neglect them, but there are illimitable areas in which the driving power of his personality can create or advance widespread opportunities for a richer and more enjoyable living.

The Keyword is DOMINANCE.

When positive, the degree is accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others, and when negative, a sadistic sophistication.

Let There Be Light, WeAreFromTheFuture

What dominates, fascinates you, enlivens you, drives you, won’t let up on you? Watch and see where you’re pointing that thing! Like a needle in a haystack, it’s only elusive until you find it, but if and when you do, ouch! It can really hurt! A dominating, masculine energy is much the same way! Yet, when the dominance is turned inward to self-mastery and outward to genuine leadership, then we’re talking! Yes, just like the luck of finding the needle in the haystack, except without the accompanying prick!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive.”

Find your needle in the haystack. Let it poke you back to the path of light!

That path of light which reaches its objective, this prevailing light thought, this is that light which will return back to itself and procreate in its on-going cycle. The light path that succeeds is the idea focused upon, never the failure. Always the objective. Life vs Entropy Entropy vs Light:

“Watch where you wield that power!” Namaste ~ Saijin

Virgo 27° “Actions speak louder than words.”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 177

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-spiritual-sensitive.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 27° Grande dames at tea

This is a symbol of life’s maturity as a threshold of new discovery rather than as any canceling out of personal reality, and it emphasizes the fact that each individual may pass on what he has gained and thereby have an effective continuance of himself through others. Here are the highly concentrated values of selfhood as the reservoir of racial assets, since the traditions of one generation are always the ever-ready strength of the next.

The Keyword is APLOMB.

When positive, the degree is an efficient administration of inheritance or position and a full capitalization on the opportunities of common experience, and when negative, a selfish delight in special privileges of any sort.

Sara Bareilles – King of Anything

“The advance is outward; the leadership is inward; the victory is to the broadest vision.” Marc Edmund Jones

One minute to tea time! Prepare to lead now by example! Allow others to decide if they like what they see.

The flip side of King Arthur’s Round Table, we now have the symbol of the Grande Dames at tea. Both examples of gender-specific adults who are either self-appointed through victory in battle or, in the present party, some established and time-honored tradition of “Mother, may I?” Either way, lending the voice of wisdom directing to best course of action for the future, younger generations.

Lead, follow or get out of the way. Train a child when he is young and he shall not depart from it.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party is ever set a minute before it starts!

“Actions speak louder than words.” Namaste, Saijin

Virgo 26° “Getting Divine attention.”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 176

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-spiritual-experimental.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 26° A boy with a censer

This is a symbol of individual initiative as a basic dynamic in the universal scheme of things, and it reveals itself most simply in man’s positive and necessarily self-seeking outreach to the world he would claim for himself. He makes his conscious appeal to God, since it is a divine being which provides the over-all unity he recognizes and would enlist for his aspiration. His motive is spiritual because he knows he must share any reality he would care to possess.

The Keyword is RAPTURE.

When positive, the degree is a completeness of self-dedication and an achievement grounded in a consistent worthiness of living, and when negative, a resort to empty motions in order to avoid any appreciable self-expenditure.

The Visitor – David Lanz

Who needs popularity when you have Divine favor? Build it right and they will come. It’s the way it really works. Heaven’s Law in action. Just make sure you are doing your part—that would be the part you came here to do, by the way. Nothing more, nothing less.

Forgiving – Allow Heaven to Exercise Its Justice

“Someone has treated you badly… Even if it is difficult, learn to forgive. Have faith and trust in the power of the beings of light in the invisible world, as they are always ready to give you the means to regain your strength and courage when you work according to their laws. Now, if you think the person who has done wrong to you really deserves to be taught a lesson, speak to these entities. Say, ‘This is what this person has done to me, and now because of them I am suffering, encountering great difficulties’ – and you can even tell them what these are, if you like. ‘So I am asking you to intervene to put right the harm that was done to me.’ In this way you lodge a complaint with heaven as you would with the courts, and then heaven will see what can be done. But in any case, do not try to take revenge yourself. I don’t mean by that that we should abolish judges, courts and punishments, leave criminals alone and wait for divine justice to deal with them one day! No, let the judges and the courts do their work, and let them do it to their best ability, because it is very difficult work. I am simply drawing your attention to a few principles of spiritual life.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

“Getting Divine attention.” Namaste, Saijin

Virgo 25° “How you treat others matters.”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 175

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-social-inspired.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 25° A flag at half-mast

This is a symbol of the inevitable judgment which life must pronounce on itself, and of the sure rewards that stand ready for whatever proves of worth in the course of effort. The highest of everyday values for the common man are created in a public service which has its first compensation in the individual’s self-fulfillment, and its ultimate justification in some measure of immortal contribution to history. Reputation is the subtle coin by which personality creates an enduring wealth for everyone, to be preserved no less in death than life.

The Keyword is RESPECT.

When positive, the degree is achievement in a full transcendence of selfhood, and when negative, superficial self-dramatization.

Dear Mr. President ~ P!NK

So, are you getting the respect you deserve? Who’s Who and Who Cares? Is it true that good intentions can lead a path to hell?

You decide… Just take a look around at the world we are living in. Dear Mr. President, How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?

If we measure success by fame, money in the bank, credentials, position in society, then you are probably sleeping well. But if we measure your (and our own) status by a level playing field, we will soon be brought face to face with the true decisive factor — that how we treat others matters. That karma is not a suggestion but a cosmic law. And that which we send out of the storehouse of our lives will return to us in short order. We are too aware now to think that all those superficial layers of clout and notoriety amount to anything. They are what they are, but they do not define the person. They are superficial and transient coverings. If we haven’t learned that yet—and there may still be a few that haven’t—then I’ve got a question: How is that going to work out for you in the end? Dear Mr. President, Will the flag at your passing be at half-mast out of respect or will it be only half-way up because you never measured up to your full potential?

“How you treat others matters.” Namaste ~ Saijin

Virgo 24° “How love gets from here to there.”


The Span of Experimentation

Phase 174

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-social-responsible.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 24° Mary and her white lamb

This is a symbol of the self-adequacy of experience in the inner or subjective side, or of that fullness of life which comes through a cherishing of young ideas. The healthy approach to heaven through a child’s wide-eyed expectation is a clue to the adult’s responsibility for his potentials. These he must take with him in a very conscious fashion wherever he goes if he is not to find himself divided within himself and so defeated by his own confusion.

The Keyword is ARTLESSNESS.

When positive, the degree is a highly ingenuous creativity by which an individual is able to make all contact with others a worth-while relationship of self, and when negative, happy-go-lucky vacuity of spirit and understanding.

Mary Had a Little Lamb by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mary had a Little Lamb, the nursery rhyme: The Journey and the Destination

Have you read the unsung verses? Please do!

And so the teacher turned it out,

Turned it out, turned it out,

And so the teacher turned it out,

But still it lingered near,

He waited patiently about,

Patiently about, patiently about,

He waited patiently about,

Till Mary did appear.

“Why does the lamb love Mary so?

Love Mary so? Love Mary so?

Why does the lamb love Mary so?”

The eager children cried.

“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,

Lamb, you know, lamb, you know,

Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,”

The teacher did reply.

A message to open the airwaves:

“Thomas Edison recited the primary verse of this rhyme to check his development of the gramophone in 1877, making this the original audio soundtrack to be effectively completed and played back.”

“How love gets from here to there.” Namaste ~ Saijin

Virgo 23° “Handling in the nick of time.”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 173

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-social-receptive.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 23° An animal trainer

This is a symbol of the organic integrity of the world at large, evident here in man’s gift for using all its interweaving relationships to impose his ideas and desires on lesser forms of life. Implicit in the symbolism is the fact that an individual will be conditioned more and more hopelessly by his environment and experience if he fails to give continual attention to his own potentials and to the self-discipline he must have to develop them. He finds that he can do everything for which he is able to enlist the whole of himself.

The Keyword is RESOLUTENESS.

When positive, the degree is illimitable patience and adroitness in personal accomplishment, and when negative, futile show-off and idle boasting.

My Mother the Car

A “nick” refers to a notch or small cut, but did you know that nick is also synonymous with precision?

Nicks or notches were used on tally sticks to measure or keep score. So, when it comes to animal training and keeping score, it might be a matter of patience and precise timing—being able to read the animal’s tell-tale signs, knowing its “normal” behaviors, its unique personality traits. Even as it is when raising rambunctious children–as every mother well knows—the best results will require applying a flexible, spontaneous and well-timed mixture of responses. I guess it all depends on the circumstances. One response will never work in all situations. So, what’s the goal? What or who or why are you attempting to train? I do hope your resolve includes love–lots and lots of love!

Roger is my “joyful” son; he came into this world saying, “Wow! What’s next? Let’s do that! Come on, Mom! Let’s play!” One of my fondest memories of him was when he was about five years old. I came to his bedroom and found him hanging upside down by his knees from the top bunk bed railing donning his camouflage pants and bandana—play clothes that I’d sewn for him. He growled as he wielded his toy rubber-knife into the jungle of his bedroom. Another time, as a young football player, as we came upon the reassigned field location for his after-school scrimmage, and from the parking lot I asked him if we were at the right location. “Ro, those guys look awfully big!” He interrupted firmly, “Mom! The bigger they are the harder they fall, gotta go, see you later,” as he jumped from the van and sprinted onto the field.

Question: Who’s training who? Seriously, who’s training who?

When the tables are turned…

Here’s my “training” story of being joyfully rescued in my own “nick of time.” Roger reached out with some grrreeat news which had us talking on the phone. I mentioned I’d been having printer problems all day long. He offered to help me, knowing as he does that I know just enough about technology to be dangerous. Roger, however, is a techy, with a big heart! Long story short, he got the printer working again after a period of time spent patiently trouble-shooting over the phone, with step-by-step instructions for me to follow, which I did.

But, Roger was, is and ever will be Roger…. “Hey, Mom! Are you looking at me? You really should look at me!” I’d had the phone on a tripod facing the computer screen for him to see. I turned it around. Today’s image depicts what I saw. Enjoy our joyful-trouble-shooting session with an Animal-Trainer add-on. Free of charge–just lots and lots of love!

“Handling in the nick of time.” Namaste ~ Saijin

Virgo 22° “What goes on behind the scenes?”

The Span of Experimentation

Phase 172

Earth Element – Mutable

The formula is: sustaining-practical-efficient-generalizing-social-sensitive.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones provides the official meaning of this Sabian symbol in his work, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Virgo 22° A royal coat of arms

This is a symbol of the eternal authority implicit in the very fact of existence through the laws and customs by which man organizes the conduct of his own affairs. The elders of the tribe were long the custodians of this common-sense regulation of life, and an aristocracy of blood or of the inherited stewardship of social function has continued to re-enact these values and to enforce their observance. Right is dramatized as a privilege worthy of sustainment.

The Keyword is PREROGATIVE.

When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing all men together in common purpose and unified stability, and when negative, subtle exploitations of the unwary.

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The day presents with a challenge to our standards of living. Will it end with refinement or slippage? Will our enactment of prerogative end with a changing of the guard? Be alert! It is time for a close inspection.

Action is Character | Est. Now

The Long and Winding Road ~ Rare

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu

Live up to your own high standards! Be mindful of…

“What goes on behind the scenes.” Namaste, Saijin