An Introduction to My Work

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my work.

My work aligns with the 365-day calendar, not the 360-degree circle. In order to do this five additional days or spaces have been added to the wheel of 360 Sabian symbols. I call them the Days of the Divine Feminine. Yes, on Leap Year, there is an additional degree or spacing, which serves as Leap Day.

Thus, in my work, the heavens align in perfect order with the Earth and vice versa. For this reason, there are times when my work is ahead of the astrological sunrise degree and times when it is behind the sunrise degree and times when it is in alignment with the astrological degrees. You may have noticed this if you follow me and receive my daily blog notification emails. It is for those of you who have taken note of this that I am writing this explanation.

In astrological chart calculations using the 360-degree wheel, these five days are accounted for as “Holdover” and “Skipped” degrees to compensate for the difference between 360 and 365. Further, they are not the same every year! The Sabian Assembly invites you to download a free pdf Sabian Symbol sunrise chart for 2023. While there you might take a moment to read the explanation for these holdover and skipped degrees. In my work, there are no symbols skipped or held over, as each day has its own symbol. However, the dates on which these fall are matched into alignment with the calendar, the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

By the way, I am also an avid astrology student, and I am well-aware of the relationship and distinction between my work and astrological computations. I draw, study and read charts as do many of you, on a daily basis, and have done so for 17 years now. My work is not in opposition to astrology, but is my own creative alignment—an experiment, which I share with others and which is especially directed to non-astrologers. I understand and enjoy the benefits of both systems.

Let’s continue.

Where is this star pattern located, you might wonder. I placed one of the five points opposite the Galactic Center, which is at Sagittarius 28. It is the 3rd point of the star pattern. The placement for it is, therefore, between Gemini 28 and 29.

The five points I use are aligned with the seasons, given by Pythagoras as being five in number, not four. They are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Terror Time or The Blackening. More on that here: Pythagorean Pentacle: Organic Cycles. Here are the five dates and Days of the Divine Feminine, which are also found in my book On the Shoulders of Giants: Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology by Saijin:

1st Day of the Divine Feminine – The Blackening – between Aquarius 4 and 5 – January 24

2nd Day of the Divine Feminine – Spring – between Aries 16 and 17 – April 7

3rd Day of the Divine Feminine – Summer – between Gemini 28 and 29 – June 19

4th Day of the Divine Feminine – Autumn – between Virgo 10 and 11 – August 31

5th Day of the Divine Feminine – Winter – between Scorpio 22 and 23 – November 12

If you would be interested in further discussions about my work, please let me know by leaving a comment below or contacting me directly at I also host a group on Facebook: Sabian Geometry with Saijin.

Blessed Be ~ Saijin

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